Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creating Vaddin portlet in lilferay using eclipse

Advatages of Vaddin :
  • Vaadin is to develop Rich UI web applications.
  • It is a server-driven programming model i.e forgot about web lets develop like desktop applications.
  • No need to worry about browser technologies like HTML, Javascript.
  • No need to worry about browser compatability.
  • Vaadin takes care of managing the user interface in the browser and AJAX communications between the browser and the server.
Integrating Vaddin in Eclipse :
  • Select Install New Software... from Help -menu.
  • Add new update site:
  • Select all the features you want and install them.
  • Once it is installed you will get vaddin icon to compile the vaddin projects in toolbar.

Steps to Create Vaddin portlet :
  1. Select New Vaddin Project

2. Click next give the project name, select 'Generic portlet' from 'deployment configuration' in the same window and click finish.

3. Here you can see the dirctory structure of the vaddin application/portlet. Here you can see the java class file which is created by default. It will generate all liferay xml files for the portlet.

4. Select the Vaddin project and compile using vaddin icon which is in toolbar.

5. Export the war file into liferay 'deploy' folder to deploy. This war file you can use as a web application also.

6. Here you can see the vaddin portlet.


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