Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Configure or integrate the reCaptcha in your Liferay Portal

Configure/Integrate the reCaptcha in your portal.

You can now easily implement a different captcha than the default captcha in Liferay. Before, the default captcha looked like this and in order to change it, you had to set some additional properties in

Now, you can quickly enable ReCaptcha via Control Panel-->Server Administration-->Captcha (to get a ReCaptcha key go here).

You need to login with your gmail id.

You will get this screen, copy and paste both the keys in

here as

Then sign out, and go to create account.

You are now using ReCaptcha!


VladK said...

Thank you, this is a very informative article.

I have a question though - how to add captcha to the user login screen?

I'm new to a Liferay and read there should be a hook with a java class...

Thank you in advance.

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