Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Installing Liferay 5.2.3 on Existing Apache Tomcat 6.0.24

1. Download and install Apache Tomcat 6.0.24 into your preferred directory.

2. Download and install JDK 5 . Set an environment variable called %JAVA_HOME% (in Windows) or $JAVA_HOME (in Linux/UNIX) to point to your JDK directory.

3. Create and edit $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml to set up the portal web application.
<Context path="" debug="0" reloadable="true" cookies="true" crossContext="false" privileged="false" />

4. Download liferay-portal-5.2.3.war.

5. Download Liferay's Portal 5.2.3 Dependencies.

5.1. Create a $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/ext directory and unzip the dependencies ZIP in there.

6. Edit $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/ common.loader= ${catalina.home}/common/classes,\ ...\ ${catalina.home}/common/lib/ext/*.jar

7. Make sure your database server is installed and is working.
If it's installed in a different machine make sure that it's accessible from the one where Liferay is being installed.

8. Configure data sources for your database. Make sure the JDBC driver for your database is accessible by Tomcat.
8.1. Obtain the JDBC driver for your version of the database server. In the case of MySQL use mysql-connector-java-{$version}-bin.jar.
8.2. Copy the JAR file to $TOMCAT_HOME/lib/ext

9. Create a database for Liferay.
For example: create database lportal character set utf8; Liferay will automatically create the tables and populate it the first time it starts.

10. To add support for accessing Liferay's services remotely and to access the document library using WebDAV follow these steps:
10.1. Download tunnel-web.war
10.2. Create a directory called $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/tunnel and unzip the WAR contents inside

11. Create $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/jaas.config.

PortalRealm { required; };

12. Edit $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/catalina.bat so that Tomcat can reference the login module.
set JAVA_OPTS=-Xms128m -Xmx512m -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -Duser.timezone=GMT

13. Delete contents $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT directory.

14. Unpack liferay-portal-5.2.3.war to $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT.

15. For supporting UTF-8 UIRIEncoding, edit $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml.

16. Run Tomcat, point browser to http://localhost:8080. Sign in as and password test

NOTE: ---- ************copy the following jar files in lib/ext folder to avoid startup problem:********
activation.jar annotations.jar ccpp.jar container.jar hsql.jar jms.jar jta.jar jutf7.jar mail.jar mysql.jar portal-kernel.jar
portal-service.jar portlet-container.jar portlet.jar postgresql.jar serializer.jar support-tomcat.jar xalan.jar xercesImpl.jar



Anonymous said...

I did not understand the point 8, 8.1, 8.2. Can anybody explain it

Anonymous said...

I Follow the instructions. But the tomcat server not started.


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